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Timothy Long

Registered Psychotherapist

phone: 720 328 0897
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Therapist Information

Therapist Gender: MaleYears in Practice: 20
Licensure or Registration: Registered PsychotherapistNumber:
State: Fee Range:

Client Focus

Mode of Therapy: Individual, Couple, Family, Group, Organizational
Age Specialty: AllClient Gender: All
Client Sexual Orientation: AllEthnicity: All

Specialty Areas

Anxiety or Fears
Trauma/PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress)
Relationship & Marital Issues
Personal Growth
Shyness or Social Phobia
Life Transitions
Grief or Loss
Eating Disorders

Treatment Approaches

Body Oriented Psychotherapy
Emotional Freedom Technique
Gestalt Therapy
Transpersonal Therapy

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Timothy Long is a transpersonal psychotherapist, relationship and communication coach in Boulder, Colorado with over 20 years experience offering a variety of holistic approaches to healing. He is also a naturopathic health practitioner, writer, speaker, artist and dancer. His clients are national and international, and he works as easily by telephone as in-person.

Timothy is known for his heart, wisdom, playfulness, enthusiasm and faith. He inspires and empowers people to transform their lives in ways they did not previously think possible. His highly developed gifts of intuition and empathy allow him to easily tune into and connect with his clients in ways that often lead to extraordinary healing.

His therapeutic approach is transpersonal, mindful and somatic orientated; eclectic, experiential, and when called for solution focused. Timothy respects the individual desires and needs of his clients. Dialogue, Gestalt, EFT, creative visualization, play, vocalizing, movement, dance, meditation, energetic healing and personal coaching are just some of the possible ways of working together.

Whether working with emotional trauma, PTSD, addictions, personal blocks, relationship and family issues, anxiety or fears, social phobia, eating disorders, creative blocks, personal growth or issues of spirit and soul, Timothy finds deep satisfaction in helping others successfully reconnect to, and achieve the love and healing they seek.

For 17 years Timothy additionally practiced as a naturopathic health practitioner and consultant. As a therapist and coach, his clients often find his knowledge valuable concerning the interconnectedness of their emotional, mental, nutritional, hormonal, bio-chemical and physical health issues.

Here are a few statements from the hundreds of testimonials and thank you letters Timothy has received from his clients:

"Timothy Long is an outstanding therapist for people ready to be free. His approach combines loving support, wisdom and simplicity. With Timothy’s help I’ve been able to permanently clear years of anguish, sadness and fear.”

“Perhaps it is one of the great blessings of life to find people who can see us shine when we don't see it ourselves - Timothy certainly did that for me.”

“After all the thousands of dollars I've spent on alternative supplements and modifying my diet, it was YOUR counseling sessions that opened me up to healing the real problems in my life.”

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