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Advanced Training in Applied Existential Psychotherapy (AEP)

An Experiential Psychodynamic Gestalt Approach   •   Boulder, Colorado

Gestalt Dream Training

Deborah Bowman

  • Deepen psychotherapy and the therapeutic relationship with dream work

  • Uncover the existential message of the dream in the here and now

  • Enhance access to dreams and dream recall

  • Discover where to find the charge in a dream

  • Finesse the direction of gestalt dream dialogue

  • Learn how to work with PTSD, traumatic, repeating and childhood dream images

  • Work with the body in dreams and sensory memory

  • Integrate Jungian active imagination with Gestalt work

  • Learn how to facilitate group enactments of individual dreams

  • Integrate visual and other creative art modalities with dream work

  • Understand and facilitate the transpersonal, prophetic and collective aspect of dreams

  • Turn your clients on to the power of dream work

The Workshop: This training provides practitioners with hands-on experience working with their own dreams and facilitating others. I demonstrate dream work and review the facilitation process as well as coach participants in the facilitation with one another. Professional issues in dream facilitation are discussed alongside the personal and transpersonal scope of the dream. Prior experience with Gestalt is recommended.

The Workshop Leader: Deborah Bowman, Ph.D., Boulder Psychotherapy Institute Co-Founder and Co-Director, is a licensed psychologist and certified Gestalt therapist with over 22 years in private practice. She is a Professor and co-founder of the Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and founder of the Wilderness Therapy programs at Naropa University.Deborah was President of Boulder Graduate School, has worked for Boulder County Hospice, Boulder County Social Services and instructed with the National Outdoor Leadership School. She is co-author of When Your Spouse Comes Out and author of The Luminous Buddha: Image and Word. She integrates Gestalt, Jungian, creative and contemplative approaches to therapy. Deborah facilitated Dream Painting Groups for 8 years. She is an advisor to the Boulder Friends of Jung and served on the Colorado Jung Society board for ten years. She has shown her work as a photographer and painter in galleries for many years.

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