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Satir and Jung: Ways of Working and Understanding


  • Gain an understanding of Satir and Jung as persons and as thinkers.

  • Learn about their views of the unconscious and processes of growth.

  • See how both are forerunners of self psychology.

  • Grasp their systemic views of self, relationships, communities, systems within nations and the world as a whole.

  • Role play skills developed by Jung and Satir.

Laura Dodson: "I studied with and co-worked with Virginia Satir for many years - and later became a Jungian analyst. A big part of my personal and professional journey has been to understand the similarities and differences of these two profound people - and to integrate their philosophies and ways of working into my practice and my life."

The Workshop: This distinguished guest workshop will focus on Satir's and Jung's views of the unconscious, processes of growth, and skills in working with individuals, couples and families. The workshop will be conducted with lecture, demonstration and role play of participants' issues or those of clients, as well as discussion. Your questions and comments will determine the emphasis on various areas of the topic. There will be learning for body, mind and soul.

The Workshop Leader: Laura S. Dodson has been working in private practice, in hospitals, consulting in agencies and working in former Soviet Countries for the last 50 years. She holds a degree in Social Work and a Ph.D in Psychology. Laura is a senior Jungian Analyst. She is the author of several articles, and the editor of two books and author of one. She studied with Virginia Satir from 1964 until her death in 1988, as well as co-worked with her. She also studied with Fritz Perls and has led workshops here and abroad, including Esalen Institute.

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