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Stephanie Mines, Ph.D.
The TARA Approach
2910 County Road 67
Boulder, Colorado 80303

phone: 1-800-493-6117

Stephanie Mines is a psychologist whose unique understanding comes from her academic research as well as her extensive work in the field. Her stories of personal transformation have led many listeners to become deeply committed to the healing journey. Dr. Mines understands shock from every conceivable perspective. She has investigated it as a survivor, a professional, a healthcare provider, and as a trainer of staffs of institutions and agencies. Her blend of Western and Eastern modalities offers the best of both paradigms. She is devoted to ending the lineage of shock and trauma for individuals and the world.


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Ana Maria do Valle, M.A.

Private practice
75 Manhattan Dr Suite 3
Boulder, CO 80501

phone: (303) 618 5328

Occupational Therapist specializing in Sensory Processing and Somatic Experiencing as it relates to self regulation and trauma recovery. I work with infants, children and adults. I work with individuals who are experiencing late effects of trauma in conditions diagnosed as chronic pain, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, RSD, etc. I work with trauma resultant from cultural fragmentation. I provide consultation and workshops for professionals, addictions facilities, schools and other organizations specializing in treating difficulties of autonomic dysregulation. I am fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.


Bonnie Goetz, L.P.C.

10200 W. 44th Ave.
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

phone: (303) 482-0910

I work with adult and adolescent clients suffering with anxiety and depression. I specialize in working with men having difficulties with effective communication, insecurities or low self-esteem, emotional distancing in intimate relationships, and mood issues (depression, anxiety, Bipolar Disorder), feelings of inadequacy, & expressing feelings. I use a variety of techniques including EMDR and DBT.


Steven Moore, M.A.

On Solid Ground Counseling Services
400 E Simpson St #106
Lafayette, COLORADO (CO) 80026

phone: 7209888874

Please visit to learn more about me.


Jennifer Favell, Ph.D., M.A., L.P.C.

100 Arapahoe, Ste 12
Boulder, CO 80302

phone: 805-252-7939

I am a trauma therapist, specializing in violent loss (suicide, homicide, crash, natural disaster, overdose, war). I train nationally and have published research. I also see people with complicated grief, painful relationship/life transitions, depression,anxiety,divorce, career challenges,resilience after sports-related injuries/difficult relationships, and/or loss of life's meaning. I myself am a senior adult. I use EMDR, short-term solution based, arts, cog-behl, and depth approaches. I teach psych part-time at CU-BO, am the Director of the BIPR Front Porch lecture series, consult at a Montessori school, have been in private practice for 22 years, and will direct and lead children's summer camps at Mackintosh Academy, 2015.


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