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Thu, Feb 27 - Thu, Feb 27CAP/BPI Breakfast Talk: Right Use of Power: Ethics for Healing" with Linda Baird, MA, LPC, (720) 244-2299
"Right Use of Power: Ethics for Healing" with Linda Baird, MA, LPC - CAP/BPI Breakfast Talk at BPI on 2/27, 9-11 am Feb 23, 2020 03:00 am (Carol O'Dowd, CAP President) COLORADO ASSN. of PSYCHOTHERAPISTS Support CAP, upcoming legislation (sunset review) may destroy your right to practice) CAP/BPI Breakfast Talk with Linda Baird, MA, LPC, on "Right
 Use of Power: Ethics for Healing Professionals" Thursday, Feb. 27, 9-11 am, at BPI - 1140 Lehigh St., Boulder, CO 80305 - 303 494 0393. $10 for breakfast and talk. One 1/2 hrs Colorado Continuing Competency (CC) Credit Available. Linda Baird is back by popular
 demand to expand on this 
talk. After hearing her wise advice
 on this subject in November,
 many people asked if Linda would 
do a second talk. This talk will include more information, answer
 questions, and provide experiential
 exercises to explore the impact
 of the power differential in therapy. 

Linda is a Certified 
Hakomi Therapist, EMDR therapist,
 yoga ParaYoga instructor, and 
teacher of 'Right Use of Power: Ethics for Healing Professionals'.
 She has been on the Hakomi 
International Ethics Committee for
 15 years and more recently has 
been teaching ethics to the greater
 yoga community. Check out her 
website at: Name: Linda Baird Email: Learn More...

Sat, Mar 7 - Sat, Mar 7ACT Professional Development Training, 720.432.1710
If you are a mental health professional and identify as a woman, Dr. Debbie Sorensen and I would love for you to join us for a ACT Professional Development workshop in Boulder, Colorado on March 7th. It will be a chance for us to recharge, explore our professional and personal values, and come together to support one another. We are offering discounts for early registration (before January 20th), and for students/early career professionals. Hope to see you there! Learn More...

Tue, Mar 10 - Mon, Feb 24Transforming Grief with Essence - Sacred Online Course, 720-722-4043
Connect with your inner light during this 2-hour conversation in the sacred realm to transform the powerful emotion of grief. Join this safe virtual space to gain confidence serving as a Grief Facilitator by connecting with the essence of your inner light. Welcome invitation video:  This course welcomes all people, even those who are not currently experiencing grief or working with it directly.  Reserve your spot for this community ritual dedicated to those wanting to feel connected, confident and at ease discussing grief with universal essence as your guide. Online sacred space - Tuesday, March 10, 2020 4-6 pm (Mountain) 3-5 pm (Pacific) 6-8 pm (Eastern) 10-noon, March 11 (Sydney, AU) Receive transcripts and follow up mentoring so you can be thoroughly at ease and empowered to attend to grief processing with your clients. To maintain a safe container, the course will not be recorded. Money-back guarantee detailed in event link.  Learn More...

Sat, Mar 14 - Sat, Mar 14Embracing the Shadow Self: The Enneagram and Transformation, 303-443-9055
The Enneagram is a powerful tool that helps us become aware of the ways in which we navigate the world through the protective mechanisms of our type structure and not with our full selves. It also provides a map to return to who we more essentially. This journey of returning requires recognizing and embracing our shadow selves - work that is both necessary and challenging. In this 4-hour workshop, we will explore the shadows of each of the nine types - the parts of us that our types work so hard to keep hidden. These aspects of our character structure are the scaffolding that supports our sense of identity. Who do you believe you have to be to be okay? What do you feel you need to avoid? What do you experience when you try to change? As we loosen the type structure through three centered awareness (head, heart and body), we develop the capacity to live more fully in our essential self AND the realities of our type. We are invited to live more authentically. Renée Rosario, MA, LPC & Chichi Agorom, MA will facilitate this workshop. Renée is a Core Faculty member of The Narrative Enneagram bringing with her two decades of experience as an Enneagram teacher and a body-centered psychotherapist in Boulder. Chichi studied under Renée and the other core faculty members at The Narrative Enneagram and teaches the Enneagram in Denver. She also works as a psychotherapist in Denver. *This is not an introductory Enneagram workshop and familiarity with your type is needed. Learn More...

Thu, Apr 2 - Thu, May 7Secrets of Friendship Workshop, 303-915-4122
It's not as hard as you think! Students will learn and practice: * 6 most important friendship skills * What makes kids avoid other kidsSecrets of Friendships What makes kids like other kids? Find out: 6 secrets of making & keeping friends! * How to NOT lose your friends About the Classes: These workshops teach kids what does and doesn't work in getting along with others. It includes stories, role play, inquiry, and a workbook to enable continued practice. Class sizes are limited. KIDS: What kind of kids take this class? Extroverted, overly friendly kids, Shy, withdrawn kids, Bossy kids, Lonely, left out kids, High functioning PDD kids, ADHD kids, Kids with Anxiety, Happy, friendly kids looking to upgrade their skill level. Learn More...

The Challenging Client: Engaging the Body to Disrupt Entrenched Patterns

Fri, Apr 3 - Sat, Apr 4

Pat Ogden, BPI - 303 494 0393

This workshop is co-sponsored by Boulder Psychotherapy Institute and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

Participants will learn practical, easy to implement interventions from Sensorimotor Psychotherapy designed to catalyze change in "resistant" and otherwise "difficult" clients with chronic entrenched patterns, including those with dissociative disorders, addictions, self-harm, repeated hospitalizations, alexithymia, prolonged grief, feelings of self-loathing and worthlessness, and emotional stuckness. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy will be illustrated through video excerpts of consultation sessions and brief experiential exercises. Participants will walk away with a new perspective on how simple techniques that target the body can throw open the door to change even for the most entrenched clients. The workshop leader, Dr. Pat Ogden, is the founder of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and an internationally acclaimed presenter, author, and pioneer in somatic psychology.

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Level I & II training Dates Below Saturday: 9:00 am -5 pm & Sunday: 9:00 am - 1 pm with Melissa Walker, MA, LPC, R-DMT with Anna Mayer, MA, R-DMT 9 DORA CE Compliant Credits Available Our clients step into our offices clogged with years of negative messages about their sexuality. These negative messages write themselves directly onto the autonomic and somatic nervous system of the body and impact the way we inhabit ourselves and the relational space. When clients access the language of the body they learn to trust themselves and navigate the tangle obstructing their eroticism with pleasure and responsibility in real-time. Concentric Sex Therapy is a confluence of sexology, somatic psychotherapy, and Dance Movement Therapy. This model activates the innate tendency towards growth and complexity supporting an embodied experience and expression of the sexual self. During this training you will learn the practice of Erotic Bodyfulness, full-body arousal anatomy with a somatic approach to the human sexual response cycle, and embodied expression toward one's personal erotic potential and healthy relational sexuality. Level I training in Lafayette, CO, April 5th & 6th 2020 Level I training in Albuquerque, NM, May 16th & 17th 2020 Level II training in Lafayette, CO, September 2020 Learn More...

If you work with couples, you won't want to miss this new, down-to-earth training where Michele will share her latest thinking about how to become A MASTER COUPLES THERAPIST. For over 3 decades, Michele, a.k.a. The Divorce Buster, has been specializing in helping couples avoid unnecessary divorce and is the go-to therapist for 911 couples. Through didactic discussions emphasizing specific how-to's, extensive video examples, small group discussions, case consultations and experiential exercises, attendees are offered the opportunity to gain years' worth of clinical skills in just 4 days. For a detailed description about this unique, size-limited training, check out the website below. Earn 26.5 CE Credits (Approval Pending), at no additional cost. Learn More...

Sat, Jul 18 - Sun, Oct 4EMDR Basic Training, 719-761-4444
The Basic Training is approved by the EMDR International Association and represents a departure from the traditional two-weekend EMDR training programs with an innovative format. It is designed to lead the participants in a sequential and orderly learning experience emphasizing conceptual clarity, procedural details, and skill development through a combination of lectures, discussions, and video vignettes drawn from actual EMDR therapy sessions and culminating in supervised practice. Effective learning is facilitated by pacing the training across 10 workshop days (six weekends) spanning 12 weeks to avoid information overload. Small group format provides for intensive discussions and didactic interactions with the instructor. Supervised practice in triads provides the opportunity for each to be an observer in addition to taking turns as a therapist and a client. The workshop provides 43 instructional hours (EMDRIA requires 20 Hrs), 25 hours of supervised practice (EMDRIA requires 20 Hrs) and 12 hours of consultation for a total of 80 training hours (EMDRIA requires 50 Hrs) Learn More...

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