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Use the Links below to sign-up, un-subscribe and re-subscribe. If you run into problems with the Opt-In forms, you may send Reed your name, email address and city. If you have problems with the security code (where you reproduce a series of obscure letters & numbers) try refreshing your browser using the circular arrow symbol at the top of your browser window. It's a good precaution to save your work (paragraphs) in a "word-pad" before you do this.





What you need to know.

BPI has two Networking Lists. There's the BPI Networking List (sent as a daily digest) where you can keep an eye on the local psychotherapy community and make your own professional information available fast. And there is Betty's List, a few emails per year about BPI events only - such as our workshops, classes and the BPI Networking Party. Subscribers to the BPI Networking List are automatically included on Betty's List. You won't need to subscribe to both.

Members who are subscribed to either list may create a professional announcement. Use the Post to BPI NetList button on our homepage to create your announcement in text. Graphics are not supported although you can link to a web page or a .PDF. Your message will go to the entire Networking List (over 1000 participants). If you need help, use this email link to (Reed Lindberg)

Professional announcements include lectures, groups, trainings, workshops, office space, referral needs, publications and other professional matters. Therapists new to the list are invited to announce their practice. We announce our trainings and workshops and the invitation to our big annual party on the list. If you are looking to find or lease office space, this is a good way to do it.

Referral needs are often posted on the list so attention to postings may provide referrals to your practice.

Feel free to subscribe or unsubscribe from our lists any time. You'll always be welcome back.

But please don't click the "Junk Mail" or "Spam" button on a (BPI) message. This is interpreted as an abuse complaint by the major ISPs and can cause us considerable effort to undo.

For a variety of reasons your address may get scrubbed from our address book. If you stop getting messages please check in with Reed. We don't want to loose you from our community.

The Networking List is a good way to get information out to other therapists. You may also use our free Community Calendar. Click here to post upcoming therapy-related events to our Calendar.

Again, please don't "Spam" one of our messages. (We know that this sometimes happens by accident.) Our bulk mail program will automatically "clean" your address if you "spam" a list message. Re-subscribing after being removed (once or twice) is a simple three step (Opt-In) process. I am not able to manually re-subscribe you. But I will have already (or will soon) remove the record of your abuse-complaint from the database. After I clear you, MailChimp allows you to Opt-In via the SUBSCRIBE link above. You will get a double Opt-In confirmation notice via email. Click the confirmation link and you will be re-subscribed.

All this pickiness about Opt-In subscriptions and abuse complaints is necessary to maintain a workable web presence. If our bulk mailer (MailChimp) receives multiple "spam" or "junk mail" complaints from a single address it will not allow that address to re-subscribe. That user can then re-subscribe only by using a new address. The mailer program does this to maintain it's reputation with Internet Service Providers (such as Yahoo and others). These big ISPs block service to domains (such as MailChimp, our bulk mailer) if they get too many abuse complaints (ie: the "This is Spam" button.

If you go on vacation, and use an auto-responder, your address may be cleaned after a few bounces. So it's best to unsubscribe via the links on this page. You can also email Reed with your stop and restart dates. If you use an autoresponder all the time, the mail service will automatically remove you from the list, because these responses may be interpreted as abuse complaints.



PS: Here's the BPI Networking List introductory letter for new subscribers (.PDF).

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