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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Q: I'd like to post an announcement to the BPI NetList (Daily-Digest). How do I do that?

    A: Go to the BPI home page ( and click on the tan button near the center of the page (button says, Post to BPI NetList). Fill in the form and complete the "CAPTCHA" (security) box. Click Submit. (Caution) Be sure to enter the data in plain text. Often our software will accept text that is copied and pasted into the text box, but sometimes the hidden code that gets copied into the form causes the form to crash. In those cases, the posting does not show up. You can create plain text by typing directly into the form, or by converting rich text or HTML into plain text with a word processor or text pad.
  2. Q: I'd like to add a video to my BPI Therapist Directory Expanded Listing.

    A: If you have already created your video and posted it to You Tube. you can contact Reed via email or phone for further assistance. If you have not yet created a video, why not consider working with BPI associates, Lee Potts for coaching on presentation and performance, and/or Pouria Montazeri for a cinematographers help in shooting, editing and posting your video. (Pouria is also a practicing psychotherapist) You can have a professional looking video for a reasonable cost.
  3. Q: Why did I get an odd email, addressed to me from BPI? - What should I do about it?

    A: Someone is trying to contact you via the blind email link in your BPI Expanded Listing. This link is a way for the public to contact you without knowing your real email address. Generally it's not advisable to publish a real email address online. The address will soon be harvested and used to send you spam. Our blind email feature protects you from this address harvesting. Occasionally, though rarely, someone may send you a pointless note this way. It won't happen much because it takes effort to replicate the words and letters in the "CAPTCHA" box (security feature) at the end of the email composition form. Also, automated robots can't read the security feature.
  4. Q: When I try to "SEND" a sign up form or email form, it won't go, no matter what I do with the "CAPTCHA" (security) box.4

    A: Sometimes the security words and letters are so well disguised (so that robots can't read them) that people can't read them either. Or perhaps it seems that the words are clearly interpretable, but it still won't go. When this happens, the best solution is to try another set of security words. This is accomplished by clicking the "refresh" button at the top of your browser. It looks like two little circular arrows. It's exact location is different on different browsers (i.e.: Firefox, Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.) BE CAREFUL. Supposedly the page will refresh without losing your entries. But I've been told that sometimes your carefully composed work is lost. Best practice is to copy and paste into text-edit or into a word processor and save your work. Or, even better, Compose your paragraphs in text-edit or a word processor and then copy the material into the form.
  5. Q: When I tried to put my picture into the Sign-up form for the BPI Therapist Directory, it would not go in. No matter what I did. Or, the first picture I used worked fine, but when I tried to replace it with a better picture, it would not go in.

    A: The photos in our Therapist Directory expanded pages are about 350 pixels square. The software will adjust many photos, by reducing their size and, if they are not square, adding sidebars at the top & bottom, or sides. If your photo is really big, such as pictures taken by most modern digital cameras (for example 2500 x 3300 pixels) the software will choke and be unable to load the picture. You can re-size the picture to 600 or 800 pixels square (max) and it will work fine. You can also email your picture to Reed, who can use Photoshop to optimize it for you. He can also remove blemishes or peculiarities in the photo, if you ask.
  6. Q: I want to post an announcement to BPI's Daily-Digest, and/or to the Community Calendar. How do I do that?

    A: Go to our home page and find the tan buttons across the middle of the page. One says "Post to BPI NetList," and the other says "Post Calendar Event." You can also click "Join BPI Network" to subscribe or unsubscribe. The Daily-Digest and Community Calendar are separate services and do not feed into one another. You must post separately to each. The Community Calendar posting is for events that have specific dates and locations. Fill in the form using plain text. If you copy and paste from another source, (and insert HTML code as a result) the message may or may not work. Then copy the words or letters from the "CAPTCHA" (security) box and click "Submit." And you're done.
  7. Q: I posted a message to the BPI Daily Digest, but I made a mistake or entered the wrong information. How can I fix it?

    A: Anyone is free to enter data into our postings. Then - at the end of the day our moderator (Reed) checks to make sure there is no spam and then approves the postings. There is no way to go back and work on your posting (because that would require an intricate password/log-in system). So the only way to make corrections is to email Reed with a request. The best procedure is to create a new posting with "FIX PREVIOUS POST" (in caps) at the start of the subject line. Reed will delete the "FIX alert" and delete the incorrect posting. You can also send Reed a separate email note.
  8. Q: I tried signing up for the BPI NetList (Daily-Digest) on your web site. But the process was incomplete. I never received the email that is necessary to complete the (double opt-in) sign-up process.

    A: One reason that our mail service (MailChimp) requires the double opt-in process is to make sure that messages are not filtered out by your spam filter. Most likely the spam filter is where the message ended up. So you will need to whitelist our address. Sometimes, simply adding our address to your address book will whitelist us. Many people have two levels of spam filtering, one on their computer, and the other at the ISP (Internet Service Provider) level. If you are unable to resolve this issue, it is possible to send Reed your sign-up info (name, email address, and city) and he can override the process and enter you manually.

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