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C. Bert Dempsey JD

The Collaborative Law & Mediation Center of Boulder
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phone: 303-554-1415
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C. Bert Dempsey, J.D. is an attorney who provides mediation, Collaborative law services as well as traditional legal representation for people transitioning out of their marriages or who need assistance with post divorce issues.

Bert is available to members of this site as a resource on all issues relating to divorce in Colorado, including plain language interpretations of state statutes and case law, required court procedures including mediation. Please call or write with your questions.

This firm specializes in alternative dispute resolution in divorce cases, as well as traditional litigation. Our mission is to help divorcing families avoid unnecessary pain, expense and conflict through alternative processes that acknowledge it is the parties themselves, with guidance from their advisors, who are best qualified to determine their future and the future of their children. ARE YOU...

Considering divorce and concerned about the effect litigation can have on you and your children?

Have you known others who just can’t stop the fighting while their children seem caught in the middle?

Are you undecided about whether to take this risk and proceed with the divorce?

There is a way to divorce that can greatly reduce the risk of trauma to you and your children.

I help divorcing parents by offering solutions that minimize conflict for them and for their family.

This is done by providing a safe environment in which you can discuss your options and receive advice that helps you make the best decisions for you and your children.

You may think it is impossible to resolve your issues without a ‘fight’. I know your stress about this is great and real.

Many of my clients felt the same way at the beginning of the process. However, as we worked together, they found that disagreement does not require anger and asserting their opinion does not need to produce a hostile response.

I also accept traditional litigation cases. And,I have found that even these cases go smoother when infused with a cooperative spirit and a desire for a win-win solution for the parties.

My passion for these processes comes from the personal experience of a divorce where there was litigation, accusation, pain, stress and undue expense. Your shoes used to fit my feet.

Being a good attorney and mediator is a combination of education and experience. Having similar experiences to someone you are trying to help is a tremendous asset to professionals working with divorcing couples. Until you have walked a mile in someone’s moccasins, what does one really know?

In addition to knowing, somewhat, how you feel, I bring more than twenty years of experience as a family law attorney. My ability to relate to the other professionals that may be involved in finding your solution will help the process go forward in the direction you have chosen.

As a mediator I offer services for divorcing couples as well as those who are living together with difficulty for any number of reasons and have negotiated ‘Agreement for Living Together’ with their spouse/significant other.

This is entirely appropriate during these trying economic times where, for example, one spouse may have lost his/her job, is around the house much more often than usual, the parties are stressed and the household income has decreased.

In order for you and your spouse to understand how mediation or Collaborative law can help you just call or email. 303-554-1415,

Quick overview of the Benefits of the Collaborative Process

There are many benefits to the Collaborative Process, some of them are listed here. (more detail at www.

Decrease in Conflict. In a Collaborative Process each parent is not only represented, but also heard. The parent is a part of each and every decision, whether it is about the children, the finances, or the family home. Each Collaborative team is created to help all family members not only survive, but thrive. When divorcing partners are represented, heard, and respected, conflict decreases and the focus becomes finding solutions for all concerned.

Transparency. The agreement between parties to be “transparent” and forthcoming with each other regarding assets, parenting time plans, etc. allows parents and children to focus on healing from the divorce.

Confidentiality. Since all agreements are made before any court appearance, the details of your divorce will not be shared in open court.

Focus on the Children’s Best Interests. In the Collaborative Process, concerned parents can consult a Child Specialist regarding their concerns about their minor children w/o court involvement.

Representation of Both Spouses Financial Interests. A neutral financial specialist can be used to look at short-range and long-term goals for both partners and can educate both of you as to your options.

Opportunity to learn skill-building and have support in communications with your spouse.

Future Orientation. Rather than focusing on the past, the Collaborative process helps you work in the present, with an eye to the future.

Keeping your In-laws. The decease in conflict and polarization of the family may allow the marriage to be dissolved in such a way that you can maintain a good relationship with your in-laws.

Settlement Compliance. In the Collaborative process you and your partner can make decisions that work best for your family. Because the decisions and plans are all made with your circumstances in mind, there is a better chance of everyone complying with the agreement.

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