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Nancy Jane Wunderlich, B.A.

Unlicensed Psychotherapist

Transformational Psychotherapy
phone: 303-956-8460
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Are you looking to make lasting changes? Do you seek to ease the suffering of your life, to realize your true potential, and to live with joy and grace? I invite you to connect to that place within where peace and love can be fully accessed, where healing and true connection happen.

Transform stress and negativity into peace and equanimity Discover how you can heal the past for good Learn to stand up for yourself Create your future with confidence

How does this work?

There are universal principles that respond to and support our desires. As we align with our intentions and commit to our authenticity, a new and beautiful reality can emerge. By moving beyond our limiting stories about the past, we can restore our connection to our wholeness, into pure potentiality where everything is possible. It's so big and so wonderful! And it is my deep joy to assist others in tapping into the powerful healing energy within to discover their own strength and self-empowerment.

How do I work?

I offer practical tools and spiritual experiences that support self-empowerment and consistency, helping clients build a foundation for ongoing momentum, success, and joy.

 I work with various modalities including individual counseling, group teachings and a sacred breath technique.

Counseling sessions offer insight, feedback and support to integrate mental, emotional and spiritual growth and change.
Soul-Centered breath sessions assist in deepening your intention for the desired change on a cellular level.
This sacred group circle focuses on the inner life. In a group setting we identify and understand our emotional nature, and are better enabled to express our emotional intelligence, paving the way to self-mastery and freedom!

The focus of all my work is bringing light to the darkness in a safe and sacred setting where you can experience your radiant nature and true purpose.

What you can expect from your sessions:

Deep listening Non-judgmental compassion and devotion to the realization of your own wholeness Assistance in healing the self-sabotaging patterns of past core issues A space for new awareness to emerge Different perspectives that can reveal new choices

Therapist Information

Therapist Gender: FemaleYears in Practice: 16
Licensure or Registration: Unlicensed PsychotherapistNumber: 9703
State: ColoradoFee Range:

Client Focus

Mode of Therapy: Individual, Group
Age Specialty: AdultClient Gender: All
Client Sexual Orientation: AllEthnicity: All

Specialty Areas

Anxiety or Fears
Trauma/PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress)
Dissociative Disorders
Shyness or Social Phobia
Anger or Impulse Control
Addiction or Substance Abuse
Life Transitions
Grief or Loss
Personal Growth
Chronic Pain or Illness
Eating Disorders
Body Image Disorders

Treatment Approaches

Applied Existential Psychotherapy
Energy Psychotherapy
Gestalt Therapy
Integrative Therapy
Somatic Breath Work
Transpersonal Therapy


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