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Sandy Krolick, Ph.D.

Papanintzev 111 - 83
Barnaul, Altai Krai 656042
phone: +7 961 980 92 99
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Altai Krai Wilderness

Sandy Krolick (Ph.D.University of Virginia 1985), our American partner in central Siberia (Russia), organizes treks of self discovery into the Altai Mountains and the sacred Valley of Karakol. Sandy is trained in the history of religions, working on Shamanism at University of Chicago with famed Rumanian historian of religion, Mircea Eliade, and studying Tibetan meditation with the Dali Lama at University of Virginia. Together with his local Russian partner, Elena Shushakova, Sandy offers programs that help reconnect us with the earth, and the primal indigenous forces that ground our life in the greater ecosystem.

Siberia is a place of ancient lore, indigenous belief, and modern mystery. The regions of Altai and Buryatia are legend with respect to ancient cultures and shamanic traditions. Sandy's expertise allows him to provide guided excursions and treks through these primal landscapes and mindscapes. His journeys of immersion take you first through the Nicholas Roerich museum in Altai, to better understand the work of this early 20th Century painter, writer, archaeologist who first explored these lands in search of mythical Shambhala.

The Shaman's Way: From Altai to Baikal and Buryatia

Our 12 day adventure will take us from Barnaul through Altai to Irkutsk, then on to Lake Baikal, and finally to Ulan Ude in Buryatia. The sacred centre of shamanism in the Northern Hemisphere is Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal. Cape Khoboy, Shamanka Rock, Cape Bogatyr and Mount Jima are all located on this island. Due to its isolation, Olkhon was a final stronghold for shamans retreating from diverse encroachments. It was a refuge for Mongolian shamans hiding from persecution by Genghis Khan, and later for Buryat shamans when Buddhism spread out into Buryatia. Traditional shamanic rites are still performed on Lake Baikal to this day. Other key sites for our journey include sacred Ekhe-Yordo which rises from the flats on the right bank of the river Angi just two kilometres from Lake Baikal, and Byk Mountain, located north of the Irkut River, at the western tip of Lake Baikal, in the picturesque Tunkin valley near Tora village about 180 km from Irkutsk. But, the most popular and oft-visited spot is the Shaman Stone, located near the source of the Angara River by Listvyanka village. We will also spend time with at least one practicing shaman during the excursion, as well as observing shamanic rituals.

The Sacred Karakol Valley & Uch Enmek: Navel of Mother Earth

Our six day journey to Karakol Valley will begin with a brief stop in Biysk for lunch and a walking tour of the oldest city in Altai, then onto the Altai Heritage museum in Gorno Altaisk with dinner and overnight. Then we will proceed by Chuiskii trakt - the famous Chuisk route that National Geographic called one of the most scenic roads in the world, giving it 5th place ranking in 2014 - over Seminsky Pass into the Sacred Karakol Valley and the Ongudai Region of Siberia. The next three nights we will make accommodation at the Uch-Enmek Nature Preserve in traditional yurts. We will sample traditional Altai foods, Russian banya, hear a throat singer, and take guided excursions into and through the sacred sites. This trip back in time includes visits to petroglyphs, funeral barrows, Turkic and Sythian ruins, as well as indigenous Altai villages. A day on horseback with indigenous guides will take us into the lower hills approaching Mount Uch-Enmek, considered by Altaians as 'the navel of mother earth.' There we will picnic at Lake AruKem returning to the nature park for dinner and banya. We will depart after breakfast for an overnight visit in Chemal and a walking tour along the Katun River,

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