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Authentic Self-Presentation - A One Day Workshop for Therapists

Lee Potts


The Workshop: Effective presentation can help you recruit and retain clients. Communication behaviors such as body language, vocal tone, and style send significant messages about you and affect all of your professional interactions -from therapeutic sessions, courtroom testimonies, or public presentations to answering machine communication and phone consultations. Honing these skills makes good sense. Also, learning how to remove vocal/physical blocks can provide therapists with new ways to help clients. In this experiential workshop we will explore vocal and nonverbal principles and techniques that can make you a more effective communicator as well as a more skilled therapist. Together we'll create a safe, playful environment that allows you to try on new vocal/physical behaviors and try out tools for assisting clients.

The Workshop Leader: Lee Potts holds a Ph.D. in Communication and Performance Studies, as well as certificates in gestalt therapy, ombuds work, conflict resolution, and mediation. A respected theatre and communication authority, she received a national career achievement award in 2001 and retired as a professor emerita after teaching theatre for 31 years at C.U.Boulder. She has coached thousands of individuals and groups locally, nationally, and internationally over the past 42 years.

Where: 1140 Lehigh Street, Boulder, Colorado 80305

Date: Saturday, November 7, 2015

Time: 9:45 A. M. to 5:30 P.M. with lunch break (9:45-10 gathering & tea time)

Cost: $150 (10% discount or $135 if you register and pay by October 31)

1140 Lehigh Street, Boulder, Colorado 80305  •  303 494 0393

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