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Advanced Training in Applied Existential Psychotherapy (AEP) — since 1989

An Experiential Psychodynamic Gestalt Approach   •   Boulder, Colorado


Shamanism, Soul-Retrieval, and Psychotherapy. June, 2014. Cross-Cultural Shamanic Conference, Boulder.

Colo. Counseling Association 2005, 2006 - Psychotherapy and Shamanism

Colo. Association of Psychotherapists, 2005 - Psychotherapy and Shamanism

Holistic Health Centre, Llangollen, Wales, 2000 - Medicine Wheels and Celtic Crosses

Muse Women's Group, Boulder, 2010 - Introduction to Dreamwork

Theosophy Centre of Cardiff, Wales, 2006 - Peruvian Shamanism and Celtic Traditions

Theosophy Centre of Cardiff, Wales, 2008 - Merlin's Prophecies, Peruvian Shamanism, and the Mayan Calendar

Naropa University Student Services, 2005 - Drop Your Stress! Relaxation Skills and Stress Management

Colo. School of Counseling Hypnotherapy, 2005, 2006, Shamanic Journey Guide Skills for Hypnotherapists

Metaphysical Research Society, Denver, 2010 - Meet Your Own Spirit Guides and Animal Allies

EMDR, Shamanism, and Transpersonal Psychotherapy. April, 2014, at the EMDR Luncheon Serminar, Boulder

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