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Janice Steinbach, L.P.C.
80 Garden Center Ste 134
Broomfield, CO 80020

I serve adults with a specialty in grief, loss, and life transition work.


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Eve Ellis, M.A.

Nature of Therapy

phone: 303-775-1540

I offer therapeutic services for both groups and individuals. I believe in the innate health of human nature and strive to accentuate that health through Equine Therapy, Play Therapy and Wilderness Therapy. I specialize in working with children and have successfully worked with issues of adoption, anger management, attachment, grief, physical and sexual abuse, PTSD and trauma. Please reference my website at, for more information regarding me and my services.


Ayelet Shmuel, LSW, RPT

WholeStar Therapy
1201 South Parker Rd
Denver, Co 80231

phone: 720-252-7887

Working with individuals (teens & adults), couples and families.Together we can identify the opportunities for change! "If you will it, it is not a legend"


Shara Brun, M.A.

Resonant Therapies

phone: 720-336-1734

Heather Anne Lee

Women's Life Transitions and Stress Specialist

phone: 303 704-2446

Heather A. Lee is The Women's StresSpecialist. The landscape of women's lives is filled with times of challenging transitions. Sharing the journey can help lighten the load and illuminate the path. StresSpecialist services include women's groups, consultations and counseling session.The Women's Life Transion Groups include scu workshops as "Mind Over Midlife", "Women, Stress & Inner Peace", "StressStrategies for Families" and "Cultivating Calm in a Crisis".

Heather's expertise includes training in mind/body wellness from the Harvard Mind/Body Medical Institute and several yeras as the Director of Women's Health Education at The University of Virginia Medical Center. ms. Lee is also a frequent guest presenter at such acclaimed health resorts as The Golden Door, Lake Austin and Red Mountain Adventure Spa.


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