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Joshua A Furtado, M.A.
Furtado Services
1735 York St
Denver, CO 80206

phone: 720 284-9663

I'm a graduate of the Contemplative Psychotherapy program at Naropa University. I am working at getting my LPC and CAC. I have over 6 years of experience working with mental health clients as a therapist, case manager, milieu worker and crisis worker. I am registered with DORA as an unlicensed psychotherapist.


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Ben Keating

phone: 303-351-2513

Bringing a unique & colorful range of education and work experience, I am a mission-driven, lifelong advocate of egalitarian psychiatric rehabilitation. I use techniques, philosophies, and practices from around the world along with common sense from years of working in many different roles to provide clients with personalized and nuanced psychotherapy. I help people move toward their own "self-actualization", wherever they may be. I have worked with people experiencing severe mental illness, people working through criminal sentencing, and the general population. I keep a meditation practice and offer therapy-integrated and/or standalone certified mindfulness/meditation instruction. I have an innate capacity to see and connect with people struggling in difficult places; I meet and understand people no matter who or where they are in life.


Myriam Danielle Rabaste, M.A.

Griffith Centers For Children


Julie Colwell

Embodied Counseling and Coaching
2975 Valmont Rd. Suite 320
Boulder, CO 80301

phone: 720-815-5531

We have all heard people say “therapy is work.” At Embodied Counseling and Coaching (ECC), our therapists value play and creativity. Through the use of tools and philosophy provided by our parent organization, Evolutionary Power Institute, ECC helps clients reach their fullest potential. We collectively value body-centered, emotionally-attuned and present-centered therapeutic approaches. Our in-depth training at Evolutionary Power Institute provides us with tools designed to help you get unstuck and feel incredible. 

We believe that our work helps create a world where everyone can live a happier life that is directly in line with one’s truest essence. We believe that moving energy through the body using specific tools enables our clients to touch into their joy yet again.


Stephen Schlatter

Inner Compassion Counseling

phone: (720) 608-6120

I utilize an eclectic approach to working with mental and emotional health challenges. My work is informed by mindfulness traditions and practices, relational neurobiology, narrative therapy, and other forms of meaning-making. My work is humanistic and person-centered at its core. This means that all parts of your inner and outer self are welcome. We can draw from your strengths and values as we find ways to integrate these into a healthier relationship with your self and your experience.

I specialize in treating anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, self-esteem, and other challenges of being a human in this messy world. I aim to help to bring awareness to your thoughts, feelings, somatic information, and internal narratives, while fostering a compassionate, growth-oriented integration of your authentic experience.


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