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Find a Local Therapist is an excellent way to advertise your practice locally and display your photo and areas of expertise. Basic entries are free. They include your name, address, phone number, credentials and up to 850 characters (or about 160 words) describing your practice or organization/company. Expanded entries include much more. They are a one-time fee of $150 to help us maintain the Directory.

With an expanded entry, we include your picture and an unlimited number words describing your practice. Your entry will open out to your expanded page. View examples in Find a Local Therapist to see how this works.

There are many advantages to the expanded page. Your ad will rotate into the "Featured Therapist" box on our Home Page. We provide a safe "email me" link so that potential clients may contact you directly without your address being visible. Your expanded entry will link to our search menu so that clients may find you by searching categories such as zip code, therapy approach, modalities, and areas of specialization. You may include links to your other web sites or to web sites that you believe might be of interest to your potential clients.

Groups and workshops that you offer are listed and easily located. There is a space for upcoming events. You may include links, not only to your website, but to or other sites that display information about your practice, presentations, publications, articles, book chapters, videos and other relevant professional material.

We look forward to having you list in Find a Local Therapist and become a more visible part of the psychotherapeutic community that we try to serve and represent to the public.

How to create the expanded listing. Have a look at the extended listings in our directory (the ones with the pictures) to see if this is something you'd prefer.

Complete your Basic Listing and click submit. Once you click submit, a personal password will immediately be sent to your email address, and you will also be asked if you want to continue and create an Extended Listing. You may stop there with a Basic Entry, or you may fill out the billing information, and then continue on with creating your expanded listing. You may send an email to Reed if you prefer to pay by check.

The listing will be immediately visible on the site, and you may return at any time (by using your password) to log into your account and edit your entry. Or, if you have kept only the Basic Listing, you can log in later, with your password, to edit or to Extend your listing.

To create the Extended Entry you will need a digital photo of yourself (ideally 450 x 450 pixels) and an expanded description of yourself and your practice. You will also be able to add information about your upcoming workshops, groups or classes, links, publications, your other websites, personal/safe email (your address is invisible), specialty areas, and other info about yourself.

Send Reed an email if you have questions. If you need a digital photo (and if you are able to drop by BPI in Table Mesa) you can arrange for Reed to take some pictures for you at no cost.

We recommend that you write your personal description in a word processing program and paste it into the text box in order to avoid losing the information if you click away. You have an unlimited number of words in your extended description - but we suggest that you keep it at a reasonable length for readability.

We will charge your credit card $150 for a one year listing. If you prefer to pay monthly, the charge is $15 per month. We prefer the one year commitment to help us maintain and market the web site. If you opt to pay $15 a month, your listing will automatically be kept or removed on the last day of the month pending payment receipt. If you are unhappy with your listing and don't want to continue, we'll refund the unused portion of your subscription at any time.

We reserve the right to modify the cost of a listing at the end of a one year subscription, or at the end of any month for a monthly subscription. Any such increase would be to make maintenance of the site viable for us as managers. We can make no promises or guarantees about the effectiveness of the directory, but we would like to hear about your experience with it, and your suggestions about improving it.

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