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An Experiential Psychodynamic Gestalt Approach   •   Boulder, Colorado


Keynote Address, The Illustrated Psyche: Exploring Dreams through Art. The National Journal Conference. Denver, CO (1991).

Keynote Address, Dreams and the Body: Messages from the Unconscious. The National Hakomi Coference. Estes Park, CO (1991).

Lecture, Wrestling the Dark Angel: A Modern Tale of Jacob and Esau. Science of Mind Church. Boulder, CO (l991).

Presentation, Dreams and Art: A Transpersonal Perspective. The Association for Transpersonal Psychology Conference. Asilomar, CA (l993).

Keynote Address, Wrestling with Demons, Discovering Gods. The Naropa Institute, Transpersonal Psychology Conference. Boulder, CO (l994).

Presentation, The Illustrated Dreamer: A Case Study. The Denver Jung Society. Denver, CO (l994).

Sermon, Transpersonal Dream Symbols: God's Forgotten Language. Divine Science Church, Denver, CO (l995).

Convocation Address, The Fertile Void: Infinite Possibilities. The Naropa Institute, Boulder, CO (l995).

Lecture, Transpersonal & Taoist Dimensions of the Gestalt Approach. The Naropa Institute, Transpersonal Teacher Series, Boulder, CO (l997).

Co-Moderator, Spirituality in Education Conference with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The Naropa Institute, Boulder, CO (l997).

Presentation, The Tao and Creativity. Divine Science Church, Denver, CO (l998).

Presentation, Wrestling the Dark Angel: An Artist's Story. Jung Society of Colorado, Denver, CO (l998).

Presentation, Is This Your Dream or Mine? Counter-transference and the Transpersonal Perspective. Art Therapy Conference, Boulder, CO (l998).

Presentation and Experiential, Gestalt Therapy and Dream-Painting. Gestalt Therapy Intensive, Loveland, CO (l998).

Presentation, Transpersonal and Existential Psychology. Boulder Community Hospital, Boulder, CO (1999).

Presentation, Psyche and Eros: A Personal Journey of Loss and Redemption. Jung Society of Colorado, Denver, CO (2000).

Panel Presentation, Wilderness, Spirituality and the Tao. Association for Experiential Education Conference. West Virginia (2001).

Keynote Presentation, Nature of the Tao. Wilderness Therapy Conference, Naropa University. Boulder, CO (2003).

Presentation, Holding the Tension of Opposites. Jung Society of Colorado, Denver, CO (2005).

Sermon, Being with What Is. Divine Science Church, Denver, CO (2005).

Presentation, Intelligent Chaos. Naropa University, Boulder, CO (2005).

Slide presentation, The Luminous Buddha. Shambhala Meditation Center, Boulder, CO (2008).

Presentation, Buddha and Psyche. Boulder Friends of Jung. Boulder, CO (2008).

Panel Presentation. The Image of the Buddha. International Association of Buddhist Universities, Wang Noi, Ayutthaya, Thailand (2008).

Faculty Graduation Speech (elected by students). Touching the Earth. Naropa University, Boulder, CO (2008).

Panel Presentation. Buddhism and Nonviolent Communication. International Buddhist Conference. Bangkok, Thailand (2009).

Panel Presentation. Individuation and Leadership: Ang San Suu Kyi and Obama. Boulder Friends of Jung. Boulder, CO (2009).

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