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Group and Individual Supervision/Consultation

The Institute offers a practical, dynamic, hands-on experiential approach that helps you find useful interventions for working with your clients. We offer both individual and group supervision. Group Supervision/consultation is a place to:

  • Discuss professional and practice building issues.
  • Consider diagnosis and other treatment issues.
  • Discuss and role-play clients to get a hands-on sense of appropriate interventions.
  • Consider the direction of treatment.
  • Work out dilemmas related to transference and client-therapist relationship issues.
  • Work with countertransference or therapist issues that keep you stuck with a client.
  • Discuss ethical dilemmas and questions.
  • Build support and community with other professionals.

Supervision counts toward both BPI Advanced Certification and Colorado state licensure (for qualified professionals). Licensed professionals are also welcome and often find group and individual consultation helpful.

Individual Supervision/Consultation: Individual supervision/consultation consists of 50 minutes or more of individual time each month with the supervisor discussing client and other practice issues. Cost is the individual practitioner's hourly rate.

Group Supervision/Consultation: Private practice can sometimes be lonely. If you are looking for collegiality and a place to discuss practice and other professional issues, our supervision/ consultation groups may be the place for you. The group itself contains a wealth of knowledge and professional skills that we are able to share with each other. Each group is limited to four to six members and meets for two hours. Openings come up from time to time in existing groups, and we often start new groups when there is interest. Cost is $80 for 2-hour groups (limit four members) and $90 for 3-hour groups (limit 6 members). Groups meet once a month.

Current Supervision/Consultation Groups: All groups are led by senior BPI faculty members who have been in practice for many years. See the list below for currently running groups, supervisors, schedules, and openings. Groups name themselves for animals or composers so that members can easily tell them apart on the BPI Student Calendar.

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